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Finding SharePoint Release Version – Patch/Update level

It is on the “Manage Servers in this Farm” page in Central Admin:


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SharePoint 2010 Public Beta Home

December 1, 2009 4 comments

SharePoint 2010 Public Beta Resources Home:

Download Resources:

You can download SharePoint 2010 public beta trial here:

Software Development Kit (SDK) for SharePoint 2010:

Learning Resources:

Getting ready for SharePoint 2010:

IT Professionals Learning Guide:

Developers Learning Guide:

Development Resources:

SharePoint 2010 Developer Center:

Resources for Developers on MSDN:

Resources for IT Professionals on TechNet:

SharePoint 2010 Hands on Labs:

SharePoint 2010 forums:

Infrastructure Resources:

Hardware and Software Requirements for SharePoint 2010:

Preliminary System Requirements for SharePoint 2010:

Setting up Development Environment for SharePoint 2010:

Wonderful Discussion on how to build your machine for SharePoint 2010:

End User Resources:

Getting Started with SharePoint 2010:

SharePoint 2010 Help:

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