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Quick Guide To Alternate Access Mappings In SharePoint 2007

Many posts over the internet talk about alternate access mappings but dont know why I felt they lacked the hands on thing……so thought to write a quick post on this one:

AAM Settings are here:

In Central Admin, click Opertations, under Global Configuration, click Alternate Access Mappings. To edit mappings click Edit Public Urls, make sure on the top right corner the correct web application is selected, if not, change it now.

In SharePoint:
Internal                                                    Zone                          Public
http://devServer                                    Default                        http://devServer
http://www.uwdevelop.com                   Internet                     http://www.uwdevelop.com


IP Address                    TCP Port                           Host Header Value
Default                                80   
Default                                80                                 www.uwdevelop.com

This is assuming that a DNS entry with www.uwdevelop.com is already created in the DNS Server…….

Make sure that DNS is www.uwdevelop.com, if DNS is uwdevelop.com then use uwdevelop.com in Host Header………..

Not Necessary but if you like: Also, put IP address of the server against this DNS in the hosts file…………so whatever the dns is put that one……..no need to attach www………

Details of hosts file below………

Try accessing from outside the server and not on the server………..from the network or internet…….

Accessing from the server has a vulnerability in windows server 2008………..


In the diagram below:

http://akamaitest                                  Default                     http://akamaitest

is equal to

http://devServer                                    Default                        http://devServer

as given above. Its just the url of your sharepoint website running on port 80.

Ignore “s” in httpS below in the diagram, you can use http:

Hosts File Location:



Host Header (IIS):
http en.qhpublish.new 80 *
http 80 *

http://web-srv-dmz Default http://web-srv-dmz
http://en.qhpublish.new Intranet http://en.qhpublish.new

Host File: en.qhpublish.new

you created a host file entry like “ en.qhpublish.new” pointing to your server, then created host header in IIS, then created an AAM as shown above…………but you encountered the following:

•There is continuous prompt for the credentials
•HTTP 401.1 error
Disable Loopback check. This shows that there is a problem with the Loopback configuration. This case should occur only when we access the application from the server machine. For fixing the problem we have to disable Loopback value inside registry.

Open Registry Editor (regedit.exe) and locate the following key:


Right Click ‘Lsa’, create a new Key Value of type DWORD inside it, name it ‘DisableLoopbackCheck’. Double click the DWORD and set the value to 1. This should fix the problem and you should be able to browse your page using en.qhpublish.new on the server machine.

Lemme know if this worked for you…….

Hope this helps–


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