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Send email to a user, getting it from a ‘Person or Group’ field in a List

First, we have to read from “Person or Group” field.
It could be a “Person or Group” field that allows one user to be selected.
It could be a “Person or Group” field that allows multiple users to be selected.
If its a single user, get user, get his email address, send him email.
If there are multiple users, get each of them one by one, get their email addresses, send them emails.

Do not copy/paste the code; and if you do, look for the typos :); should be mostly alright though….

and also be careful coz inverted commas sometimes doesn’t get copied propertly from a web page….

using Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities; //this one is for sending emails..

using (SPSite mySite = new SPSite("http://server/site"))
   using(SPWeb myWeb = mySite.OpenWeb())
        SPList myList = myWeb.Lists["myListNameHere"];
        SPFieldCollection allMyListFields = myList.Fields;

foreach(SPListItem myItem in myList.Items)  //go through all the items
         foreach (SPField myField in allMyListFields)  //go through all the fields
                 if (myField.GetType() == typeof(SPFieldUser))  //check if the field is Person or Group field i.e. SPFieldUser
                          Type fieldType = myField.GetFieldValue(myItem[myField].ToString()).GetType();
                           if (fieldType == typeof(SPFieldUserValueCollection))  //check if the field allows multiple selection of users                
                                string emailToFieldValues = myItem[myField].ToString();
                                SPFieldUserValueCollection emailToUsers = new SPFieldUserValueCollection(myItem.Web, emailToFieldValues.ToString());
                                foreach (SPFieldUserValue emailUser in emailToUsers)
                                    SPUser emailThisUser = emailUser.User;
                                    string emailAddress = emailThisUser.Email.ToString();
                                    SPUtility.SendEmail(myWeb, true, true, emailAddress, emailSubject, emailBody);
                             SPFieldUserValue emailToFieldValue = (SPFieldUserValue)myField.GetFieldValue(myItem[myField].ToString());
                                SPUser emailToUser = emailToFieldValue.User;
                                string emailToAddress = emailToUser.Email.ToString();
                                SPUtility.SendEmail(myWeb, true, true, emailToAddress, emailSubject, emailBody);
                        } //if1
                     } //foreach2
                   } //foreach1
                 } //SPWeb
               } //SPSite


So the quesiton is where can you put this code? Could be an event handler that sends an email to a user when an item is added to a document library. How to do that, look here:


Hope this helps–

  1. ankit
    September 28, 2010 at 11:01 am


    It really worked for me.

    Is there any way so that I can avoid foreach loop for all fields?

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