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Configuration Wizard fails with system error codes 122 and 997

Configuration wizard failed with “system error code 122” and then with “system error code 997”. “Error during encryption or decryption”.

Standalone Farm. Sql Server and Web Front End (WFE) on the same machine. Only one WFE. Was trying to disconnect it from the farm and then reconnect with the same farm. Ran configuration wizard to reconnect. Error 122. Run config wiz again. Error 997. Continue to run config wiz and it will fail with error 997. Try disconnecting from the farm. Successfully disconnected. Run config wiz again to try. Same error message pattern repeated.

The problem was that the sharepoint service account password was changed sometime ago. All the services failed. However, I gave new password for services and application pools, so everything got back. Then after a few days I had to do as given in the error above. But it bitterly failed, wasted lots of my hours and gave me errors 122 and 997. I went to this very nice post (targeting multi server farm environment):


However, it doesn’t seem to resolve my problem. The post says that the service account was still trying to receive the incorrect credentials that were cached somehow somewhere in sharepoint. True, this was the problem. Tried using another account but sharepoint wont allow and give the following error:

“The user name entered must be the same the database access account for the server farm you wish to join………”



Alright, run the wiz and let it fail at 122. Run it again, do not disconnect from the farm, and let it fail at 997. Now run the following commands to update farm


stsadm -o updatefarmcredentials -userlogin “domain user” -password “newPassword” -local

Do an iisreset /noforce (optional)

Wait for the “Administration Application Pool Credential Deployment” job to go away on the Timer Job Definitions central admin page

Just in case run stsadm -o execadmsvcjobs

stsadm -o updateaccountpassword -userlogin “domain user” -password “newpassword” -noadmin

Run the wiz again, and it should go all the way. However, on the CA page got “internal server error 500”. Double checked password in application pool for Central Admin, in vain. Then checked my errors database and found this: Error4 (see here). So, I ran the setup. It completed and needed system reboot. And it brought back the CA. Good one, it came with preconfigured settings, no Red coloured Config error on the left top corner. We have a problem as well. When I was jus running

config wiz, I saw that it created all the web apps in IIS (which are actually deleted when u disconnect WFE from the farm). App pools are not deleted, they remain there. However, after running sharepoint setup, there was no web apps in IIS except CA. My sharepoint web apps are down. Ran config wiz, in vain.

Though web apps are visible in CA. Error message in IE is “Page cannot be displayed”. So, I created the web app manually in IIS, created the directory under Virtual Directories……and hit the site, it showed some permissions errors perhaps…..i went to the web app directory under virtual Directory and checked for the permissions…….those were alright…..perhaps then checked in IIS and took properties of web app and under Home Directory -> Execute Permissions drop down was selected incorrectly (probably)…..so changed it to Scripts and Executables………then went to the site in browser, so it remvoved permissions error and I saw the directory listing in the browser i.e / (root) and nothing else……So the whole approach was incorrect….then I hit this bearutiful URL:


…………….and got the idea………delete the web app in CA, while deleting do not delete the content database, can selet to delete the Web App in IIS (its not there anyways)……….create a new web app……while creating give the name of the existing database to connect with (and not any new database)…..theres no separate space to provide any name if u want to connect to an existing database….jus put the existing database name in the Database Name field. That worked……brought back my web app…..jus a note that i had a custom webpart in there but it is not working….have to look into it……Yeah, I went to the Solution Store and found out that web part solution was not deployed to any web app…..probably coz there were no web apps (at least at IIS level)………tried to deploy it, says scheduled but does nothing, running execadmsvcjobs does nothing either…..I found out that “Windows Sharepoint Services Web Application” service in CA was down (Services in Farm). Started it using the following command:

“stsadm -o provisionservice -action stop -servicetype SPWebService”

……….but still the actual problem is not resolved….repaired sharepoint running the setup…….nothing happened…..same waiting forever on Retracting or Deploying solution….Shared Services is not reachable, u can see the link but cannot click it, its not a link jus text…..finally thinking to uninstall sharepoint and install again……..and I uninstalled and installed again………when u uninstall, all content dbs and config db remain there…..these are not deleted………got all my web apps back up and running (………got CA all preconfigured, search etc (no red error on the left top corner)…..and problem of timer jobs resolved……tried to deploy the solution and it was instantly deployed…….then retracted it and it started retracting (no freaking scheduled thingy)………..cooooool man……after all that mess……it feels things are back alive.

Hope this saves some mess to you guys…….

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