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Customizing a SharePoint Site

SharePoint sites are designed to be flexible. You can tailor a site to fit your users’ needs by adding or removing pages, changing the appearance of pages, changing the site navigation, and making other customizations.

To customize SharePoint sites, you must have the following rights, which are included in the Web Designer and Administrator site groups:Manage Lists

  • Add and Customize Pages
  • Apply Themes and Borders
  • Apply Style Sheets

Other users of your site cannot gain access to the pages required to perform these tasks unless you specifically assign them to a site group that contains these permissions.

Customizing Web Sites From Within the Browser

You can perform basic customization from within the browser, using links from the Home, Create, and Site Settings pages of the Web site. From the browser you can perform basic customizations such as the following:

  • Add a list
  • Change the layout of the home page
  • Change the picture on the home page
  • Add a Web Part to a Web Part Page
  • Change a site’s display name (not the URL)
  • Apply a theme

Customizing Web Sites by Using Web Page Editing Tools

Using a SharePoint–compatible Web page editor, such as Microsoft Office FrontPage® 2003, you can perform additional customizations such as the following:

  • Add borders to pages
  • Insert graphics
  • Add components to the home page
  • Change the navigation of a site

For example, if you create a custom theme for a SharePoint site in FrontPage 2003, and add the theme name to the list of themes in FrontPage 2003, you can edit the list of available themes in Windows SharePoint Services to include your new theme. An XML template called spthemes.xml contains the theme name, style sheet location, thumbnail, preview, and description of each theme that is available through the browser. You use this XML file to render the theme selection page. You can modify this XML file (by opening it in any text editor, such as Notepad) to include a custom theme on the Apply Theme to Web page.


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